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Another dream.

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Some quizzes

Your Name is Black

Your name tells people that you are serious and sophisticated. Your name makes you seem like a total mystery.

You are elegant and a bit apart from everyone else. You are much more formal than those around you.

People see you as smart and together. You also come off as a bit eccentric, and others respect that you are different from them.

You can adapt well to most situations, but you never feel like you truly fit in anywhere.

Your Makeup Look Is

Dramatic Eyes with Naked Lips

You rock an edgy, modern look with feminine grace

Your Brain is 53% Female, 47% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

I posted the makeup one because that is actually my makeup style.

Ok, for today's morning pages, I'm going to talk about my diet instead of doing a prompt.

I've been doing the primal/paleo thing for...hm, I don't remember, some time in 2011. In November, I think. So that's been about 8-9 months. What we have done is basically eliminate all grains from our diet, with a few slips here and there. In the beginning, we also stopped having reservations about eating fatty meats, but I quickly got sick of that. We also use coconut products more.

Nowadays, we eat mostly veggies, meat, and nuts/seeds. I alternate between frying food in coconut oil, refined olive oil, or nothing at all. We mostly eat chicken, but lately I've been getting more beef, and I try to get the grass-fed kind. We eat tons of eggs, which are supposed to have the good type of cholesterol, I think.

tl;dr my diet is mostly protein, fat, and veggies, and this is too awesome, there is no way I'm going back to my old diet because I never get sick and famished on this one.

But I think I need to make it MORE primal. Here is my proposed pyramid thing.

******Protein (Meat&Dairy)**********
****Veggies Veggies Veggies**********

My restrictions are:
no fast food
no fried foods of any kind, cavemen did not deep-fry their food in vats of oil. no more delicious french fries.
every meal includes a base of veggies (or protein or fruits for breakfast)
lean meats, no fatty meat anymore
minimal dairy
no processed meat
minimal bacon, sausage, ground beef, hot dogs
drink plenty of water

Also, I think with the primal diet, you're supposed to exercise a lot. That's what the extra fats are for, to give you energy while you're lifting 200lbs every day. Cavemen did not sit around at computers and desks all day, they were building houses and hunting for the week's meat supply. So even though I exercise a little bit by playing games/dancing most days or doing that strength training workout every week, I should either exercise more or eat less fat, I guess.

I need to like...wake up way earlier than I do, like 6am, so I have enough time to do all this crap every day. I've got enough things to take care of without also exercising multiple times a day...

Now, about having a restrictive diet in general...once I have a reason to eat a certain way, it's pretty easy for me to avoid certain foods. Some people seem to have a lot of trouble going on a diet, and it is hard the first week or two, but then you get used to what you can and can't eat. With me, what I can't eat makes me feel funny, so I have little desire to eat it.

Sometimes I hear that the most popular excuse for not changing bad eating habits is "It's too hard to eat healthy," and it's...really not that hard.

Morning pages
Well, LJ got rid of its Writers' Block feature in the same week that I actually started answering them...

So here's another blog that I found, and I'm gonna do one of the prompts from there:http://www.dailyblogprompts.com/ It looks as sad as my loliprompts blog, though. At least I would keep posting every week.

Make a list of the things you are obsessed with at the moment. (Food, movies, beauty products, books, websites, shoes...)

What a fun topic :D For starters, Dragon Age 2 and Fenris. I really did not even have to mention these things. You guys already know.

I was really into Industrial music for a time, but realindustrialradio.com is still down, and I've gotten a little tired of my mix on Grooveshark. Occasionally I'll join Mad Joker's room on turntable.fm, but it's kind of a social site, so I avoid it if I don't feel like being around people (even in cyberspace). Maybe I should start listening to isnradio.com (Industrial Strength Nightmares).

I can't really say I have any other things that I'm "obsessed" with, or very passionate about. I've been getting back into anime, but not in a weeaboo way...I've kind of had to force myself, actually, since I always want to spend time "working" (or making up plans in my head, or procrastinating on the internets).

The only other thing would be my art and turning it into a business, but that's kind of an obsession out of necessity.

I really thought I'd have more! Oh well. I'll briefly tell you about my strange dream from last night. It was about hikari_ko's wedding (which happened recently irl). We were staying in this very rustic hotel room, and the guys were all busy getting ready. Then we were at the wedding and I was the matron of honor, but I had a tux on? It was weird. But I remembered the actual speech order, which was my husband (the best man) first, and the bride's attendant last. My speech sucked and hers was more detailed because she knew both of them better, so I thought she made a better maid/matron of honor.

Then I was playing this strange puzzle video game with Ken. I think it was based off his Endless Space game that he's been playing (http://store.steampowered.com/app/208140/), because it was turn-based. Besides that, it was so bizarre I can't describe it. I had an epiphany at the end of the dream that I needed to dance to a song in the game in order to break the puzzle, and now I have an actual song from Dance Central 2 stuck in my head.

Writer's Block: Nightly Rituals
Do you have a bedtime routine? What do you do, and what's the biggest consequence when you don't get those things done?
I think I should go back to having my laptop beside my bed so that I can just get up and start writing first thing in the morning. I always have a lot of brain activity that I'd like to release by doing something other than just lying there daydreaming.

I guess I could just write about my dreams...?

But I'm going to do this writers' block stuff for a little while.

I'm not very good at following my bedtime routine...or any routine, really. Which is odd, considering the possibility that I have Asperger's or inattentive ADHD (or both). I'm very good at following routines given to me by other people! :D?

Maybe because I want to impress them...? And the routines I do for myself are only for myself, nobody else cares. Hmm. That reminds me of something I read somewhat recently (and probably talked about here). Oh, I remember! It was something on Steve Pavlina's blog. Something about humans being social creatures who are motivated more by social rewards than personal rewards that nobody outside ourselves cares about.

Anyway, here's my IDEAL bedtime routine, or my general nightly routine. Usually, night times are gaming times, and I recently picked up where I left off in Okami after finally getting bored of Dragon Age 2. I'll be honest, I think the only reason I'm bored is because of the type of Hawke I chose to play; if I were to restart Evangeline, I'm sure I'd be lost in that world again. However, I'm taking any chance I get to sneak away from DA2 for awhile and finish up the other games I never finished.

I should introduce you guys to my new Hawke...NO NO NOT NOW. MAKE IT STOP. Pretend I never said anything.

Ideally, I want to be in bed by 11-ish, or at least before midnight. The consequence of not doing this is waking up late the next morning! The consequence of that being I lose precious hours of my daytime, and I'm already so easily distracted and take so long to be productive (and recently have been an absentminded space-case, as I have ranted about several times) so I really want to utilize as many of my daylight hours as possible. If I don't, I end up feeling very displeased with myself.

I randomly got the idea of doing everything as though it were a ritual...oh my god I had a dream about witches, I have to tell you later. I just remembered.

WHY AM I TAKING SO LONG TO WRITE THIS. It must be all that excess morning brain activity.

On good nights, I'll remember to force myself to stop at a certain time, and on bad nights I'll keep playing and lose track of time until I'm sleepy, and it's 1 or 2 am. Lately, I've been hitting somewhere in-between, happening to notice the time around midnight and going OH AFDJKAF;JK I NEED TO BE IN BED OR I'LL SUCK TOMORROW.

Then I will brush my teeth, sometimes do things like floss or wash my face, and throw on PJ's before jumping into bed if I'm not already wearing them. I've gotten into the habit of putting them on before game time to make it easier for myself to stop and go to bed. It does kind of work, which is cool.

That's pretty much it.

Writer's Block: I Think I'd Be A....
Calling all Philip Pullman fans: If you had a daemon, what would it be? And what would be its name?


Did you know there are 0 answers to all of the prompts abruptly starting at June 19th? Apparently that's when LJ moved the prompts to the middle of MOTHER%!$#^#% NOWHERE. I can't believe there wasn't even a news announcement or anything.

Anyway, if I had a daemon, my first impression is that it would be a human. Is that possible? You can have human familiars, but I guess a daemon isn't quite the same.

My second guess is that it would be a bird of some kind. Oh...daemons can change shape too, so maybe sometimes it would be a cat. I don't remember how this works. Funnily enough, the next game I plan to play after I finish Okami will be The Golden Compass, so maybe I'll get a refresher.

I'd be very tempted to call it Ser Pounce-a-Lot if it were a cat.

It'd be more likely to have some fancy name, though. Lyra's was called Pantalaimon or something. Maybe mine would have a Latin-based name. Don't freak out now, but I've always thought Lucifer was quite pretty. Hah, it would be fairly appropriate to the story's theme, too.

EDIT: Ok, apparently the answer counter is just broken as of that date. I was giving LJ the benefit of the doubt and hoping that wasn't the case.

I'm really afraid to ask this, but is "magical school" a genre now? Did it start with Harry Potter?

*sigh* When I was 16, I made a story about a magical school, and when I found out that Harry Potter existed, I was SO PISSED. I'm older now, so I can see how different they are and it's not that big of a deal...unless everyone starts complaining that a "magical school" genre is overdone and too Harry-Potter-ish.

I also used to get jealous because everyone would talk about how she had research files for each character and how amazing that was, and I was like, hello? That is so commonplace for me. lol I was so emotional about my art and stories. Maybe I still am, and it's why I can never bring myself to do them... (I'm lying. I've been getting back into the groove slowly. It's still hard sometimes, though.)

This is my most epic story, so I hope it's not just brushed off as a cliche piece of shit after I put the most work into it.

It has a lot of Neopagan elements in it too, it's very strange. This was before I knew Neopaganism existed, before I knew people still actually practiced magic, before I knew that Wicca was a religion and not a term that meant "ancient witchcraft".

Come to think of it...a lot of my stories as a teen included hints and elements of things that I did not yet realize existed. It's kind of fun. The one I'm currently working on meshed really well with Visual kei and Gothic Lolita elements, so I decided to amp them up and just add those specific cultures.

Well, this week, I seem to be doing ok as far as productivity goes. Ok as in average, as in C. I'm cutting myself some slack for having swollen toes for longer than I expected. I need to go grocery shopping, but hell if that's happening today. I'll have to be creative tomorrow in regards to meals.

I'm gonna work on my exciting new website now...
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Lolita stuff again
I'm pretty sure that after my Year of No Lolita is up, I'm probably going to dress up again and start going to meetups more often.

I have to say, distancing myself from Lolita has been a pretty cool experience. I'm glad I still like it after all.

Things will never be the same, though. I relate best to early 2000's Lolitas and the original local community members, as well as the comm members I'm still friends with (or was friends with before they liked Lolita, in at least one case). I'm still fond of the connection between Gothic Lolita and oldschool VK, because I'm an old fart.

Anyway, why am I rambling? So, going back to the original topic, I'm probably going to start wearing Lolita again eventually. Except I want to start wearing Aristocrat to Goth meetups, and I think I might pick up actual Lolita for Lolita meetups. (Honestly, I will probably do both at Lolita meets.)

The Lolita style I am mostly likely to do is Gothic, but I actually own a Classical JSK, so...I might wear that style too. I want to do a classy, elegant style like tian_shi wears. IDEALLY I'd also like to wear some semblance of Country Lolita/Natural-kei at home, but LULZ at that idea until I become rich and/or magically decide I love sewing.

Some pictoral references for friends unfamiliar with Lolita:

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ANYWAY, by now I have spent most of my day simply making this entry, but the point was that I somehow spent my morning looking at WIGS I would consider buying if I started wearing actual Lolita. I like to get my hair cut in a really boyish style, and it wouldn't really look good with Lolita, so I'd have to get at least one wig.

Here are a few that I liked. I'm really sorry, but the website doesn't allow me to save photos to my hard drive.

Classic burgundy curls
This one is sooo pretty! The reviews are great too. I'm sure this would/will be my first wig.

"Rhapsody" fluffy long wig
I love this tousled, fuzzy look, like she just walked out of a fairytale forest *_*

I'm not sure which color I'd get, though. There's a Platinum, and I'd really like that, but I'm worried that such pale hair would look bad on me. I don't think my face is very feminine, and neither is the girl's who is modeling the Platinum wig. I'd either want that one, this Auburn one I have linked, or the Brown one. Or maybe Black...? For a witchy look?

Long silver curly wig

Silver pigtails

Both for a more striking goth/cyber look. Also, the pose of the girl in the pigtails is really cool...thinking of drawing Spyrill like that for practice...

I probably ought to research a nice straight wig as well, but most of those have straight bangs, which look awful on my square-shaped face.

WELL I'm going to go eat and actually be productive now Photobucket

Vocaloids I like
more videos than I expectedCollapse )

List of others I listened to (in case I missed any)
Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin/Len
Megurine Luka
SF-A2 miki
Sweet Ann
Ring Suzune
Aoki Lapis

*I didn't listen to her, but I read that she was Korean, so I wouldn't be able to use her.


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